A brilliant, highly capable, technology partner makes all the difference.
One who understands your business, not just the technology. One who is looking out for you, rather than pushing a solution. One who will share the whole truth, sparing you the jargon. One who has the ability to see the way, and the capability to take you there.

You take care of business; We take care of the technology.
We will find innovative solutions to your biggest challenges. We will open your eyes to new possibilities. Our passion is to harness the power of technology to make a significant difference for you, to give you a competitive edge, to power your progress.

Lissom Technology is an IT Solution provider based in Pune and Mumbai, India. We offer multiple solutions ranging from website designing, software development, online marketing and mobile application development that help small and medium scale companies to perform, profit and grow.

We are considered as quite creative and dependable by our clients, helping businesses gain competitive advantage from cost-efficient and effective web solutions. We have been serving businesses representing diverse industry verticals with quality solutions and services as a world class software development and designing company.